World University is an accredited online University offering
Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate degrees at a fraction of the standard cost

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About World University

World University is a new generation University allowing mature students to use credits for past education and learning experiences to fast track their degrees and careers.

World University offers quality online education to everyone, especially working adults and job seekers.To many this is a second chance.

Each year, around the world, over ten million students finish their higher education with nothing to show - no diploma or degree.This number is expected to double between now and 2025. In the USA alone less than 15% of Community College students graduate.

The net present value of a college qualification— the benefit in today’s dollars after costs and discounting for future inflation — is over $US380,000 for U.S. men and nearly $US240,000 for U.S. women, a recent OECD report found.

The World University program has proven to be ideal for many individuals seeking advanced education in a wide range of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree offered through such diverse fields as business, arts and sciences, and technology.

World University will provide you with the means and guidance to gain your qualification quickly.

World University offers globally accredited and recognized degrees to individuals. World University provides options to students who want to further advance their career by gaining a higher education degree.

Students who have enrolled with World University can fast track their degree. World University programs cost a fraction of traditional University programs.

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You have read our home page and you are now aware that World University will give you credits for past education, work and life experiences. Have you decided what level of degree you want and what subject area?

Make an application for a private and confidential assessment which will determine how long it will take for you to graduate with the degree of your choice.

The initial application costs only $50 and is refundable if you proceed with securing the degree of your choice. An submitting the application you will be provided an email address with immediate access to a wide range of online apps and a number of provider discounts.

Total degree costs are a very small fraction of traditional University degree costs – the financials and times for completion are confidential between you, the student, and World University.

Nominate the degree you are seeking and any majors you want to include with your application.

In a short time period an Academic Adviser will contact you directly with the time for your degree to be completed and the cost – less the $50 application fee.

What do you get for the full fee?

a unique email address - provided with the application fee
a full transcript record
a quality 11x14 inch four colour degree certificate
a quality folder to hold the transcript record and the degree certificate
a confirmation letter with a special code allowing for online verification of your degree
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$50 will be charged for your initial application and will be refunded from
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